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Carnelian Worry No More Bracelet

Carnelian Worry No More Bracelet

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This stretch bracelet is a beautiful combination of natural beauty and practicality. It features warm and vibrant carnelian beads paired with grounding lava beads and is finished with a large carnelian oval worry stone. The carnelian beads and worry stone are known for their calming and grounding properties, making this bracelet a perfect choice for anyone looking for a piece of jewelry that serves a dual purpose. The stretch design of the bracelet makes it easy to slip on and off, making it the perfect accessory for daily wear. The large carnelian oval worry stone serves as a reminder to take a moment to pause, breathe, and focus, whenever you need it.

Care information

Wipe any metal parts clean with a polishing cloth. Please do not use cleansers on the beads.

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